[Profile] The Star – Daehyun BAP

14 Feb

Name: Jung Dae Hyun
Blood type: Type A
Family members: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Schools since birth: Yuil Kindergarten – Seogwang Elementary – Sajik Elemntary – Sajik Middle School – Busan Computer Science High School
Hobbies/Specialties: Watching movies/ Singing
Personality: Timid, haggard
How you became a member: I auditioned…(After that I got an acceptance letter and) became a member.
Ideal type: Shin Saimdang*
Role Model: Shin Yongjae Sunbaenim**
Music you enjoy: R&B, Ballad
Habits you often do: Rub my tongue against my lips.
Usual fashion style: Dressed in plain style
Close entertainer: Still have none. (Entertainer I want to become close with) Shin Yongjae Sunbaenim
Favorite food: Cheesecake
Favorite color: Fluorescent Colors
Favorite number: None.
Place you go to often: Company
Favorite movie: SF, Fantasy
Motto: You just have to do it. I can do it.

Through their debut song ‘Warrior’ sweeping the artist world super new group B.A.P’s main vocal Daehyun who is in charge of high-notes.

He distinctively stated that his ideal type is Sinsa Imdang. He verifies that his ideal type is a girl that is talented in educating her children and is active in the arts, perhaps he doesn’t want a stereotyped upright girl. His habit is to ‘rub his tongue against his lips’. It can’t be that he has already mastered a way to capture fans’ hearts?

Through telling different star stories ‘The Star’ (, after the 6 synthetic boy group B.A.P’s HD interviews are public on the 18th, will have a giveaway of autographed 1st single album <Warrior> (6 copies) and Polaroid pictures (6 copies), B.A.P’s logo on a Galaxy Case (6 copies) through comments made on the article. This will be from the 18th until March 2nd, announcement will be on March 5th.

*T/N: Shin Saimdang is a famous artist, calligraphist and poet who was known for displaying the ideal Confucian attributes. She is the only female woman to be pictured on Korean currency.
**T/N: He’s the youngest member of popular ballad group 4MEN.

Source: The Star Chosun + TS-ASIAN fancafe
Translation: daejeon + MaxRide @TSUndercover

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